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Invisible Wheelchair Podcast

Mar 19, 2019

What a privilege it is to interview my wife about our daughter's OCD and what her side of the story looked and felt like. She not only tells her story but gives advise to others going through OCD. Listen now...

Mar 5, 2019

This is the tapping recording for Podcast 26. It is a longer tapping recording and slightly different than the other EFT Tapping recordings here on this podcast. It is involved with more breathing and longer tapping time. Enjoy.

Mar 5, 2019

You hear a strange noise in your car and you become aware that there is a problem. You take the car to a mechanic to be repaired. You start feeling hot in your body and become aware that you are not feeling good. You call the doctor and make an appointment. When you become aware you have an issue do you work on getting...