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Invisible Wheelchair Podcast

Jul 28, 2022

What is normal? A lot of clients come to me and tell me they just want to be normal. Compared to what? Who defines what normal is? Is there a set of standards? There are laws and rules they try but that is not what makes us up. Let's talk about comparisons and normal on this Throwback Thursday podcast.


Jul 19, 2022

Gina and I's interview with Bethany Gettis from NDelish

Bethany Gettis is a highly dynamic Internationally known Certified Holistic Nutritional

Consultant and REAL Food Advocate. Bethany is focused on guiding busy, health-conscious mothers to their own optimum healthy lifestyle through nutrition while creating

Jul 14, 2022

In these times we live in wouldn't it be important to be able to accept others even though they may be different? To do that you have to accept yourself first. Today's Invisible Wheelchair podcast taps you to a place of beginning acceptance. Join us and tap along...

#EFT #EFTtapping #emotionalfreedomtechniques #tapping...

Jul 5, 2022

Male? Female? What else can there be? Are our definitions of who we are as being wrong? How can there be anything else besides this binary description of human beings?

In this podcast Don talks about what he has learned about Transgender. Our definition of ourselves is not as simple as it appears. What does that mean?...